Thursday, 11 September 2008

Training and planning

Yesterday's 22 miler incorporated Burley, Menston, Guiseley, Horsforth, Kirkstall, Headingley, Bramhope and back to Otley. Overall the pace was about 8:20 per mile.

In the evening I spent 35 mins doing strength exercises.

This afternoon's 22 miler was on the Otley 10 route and was well under 8 min miling. The last four miles were 30 mins 10 seconds.

Not sure where I'll run tomorrow - I'll decide while I'm on the bike in the morning.

Now I'm beginning to seriously plan my nutrition for London and, as always, I'm looking to improve things slightly. Research is ongoing into electrolyte replacement amongst other things.

All the best to William Sichel and Sam Black who are taking part in the Perth 24 hr race this weekend. This sounds like it will be a really good event and I hope it'll continue in future years. I know the organisers are hoping the course will prove suitable for the IAU World 24 hr Challenge sometime soon.

I'm off to Wetherby for a 10k race.

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