Sunday, 28 September 2008

Crash Training (7)

The final training session of the week is now over and today's tally was:

8:30am - 20 miles, including Horsforth 10k
2:55pm - wobble board
3:20pm - strength/conditioning exercises
4:10pm - eccentric achilles stretches
6:40pm - 50 minutes cycling
7:45pm - stretching, ankle massage and wobble board

Today's run was a 6.9 mile run to Woodhouse Grove School followed immediately by the Horsforth 10k then a 6.9 mile run home.

Very pleased with my race time of 40:50.

The niggles were almost non-existent today - perhaps it was the adrenalin ... a very good night's sleep probably helped though.

Tomorrow - no training at all - I need a rest - I'll post a summary of the week.

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