Monday, 21 September 2009

back home ... happy but weary

Not been back long and I thought it appropriate that my first post should be a quote from the letter I received from Walter Hill (men's team coach) before he left Keswick.  I hope he doesn't mind, I don't think he will.

"Sorry that I had to go

first England vest
first English runner
fifth in the Commonwealth
silver team led in by you

Well Done
An outstanding achievement [and a new personal best]

What more could we ask for"

When I read the above on Saturday night I almost burst into tears.  Up until that point everything had still been a bit of a blur and it none of what happened in the race had sunk in really.

Thank you Walter for making me aware of my achievements.


The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Very well done Chris, great performance by you and the team.
All the best, Richie

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Chris - a truly stunning performance, very well done and very, very well deserved. Leading in the silver medal team is something that you will remember fondly for the rest of your life. Rest up well friend.