Monday, 14 September 2009

nearly there now ...

I've got a few minutes spare here so I thought I'd post something.  At the moment I'm making sure everything is in good working order and that I have all the food/drink I need - as well as all the other stuff.

food and drink ... check
racing kit ... check
other clothes ... check
first aid stuff ... check
toiletries ... check
maps, books, mp3 player, mobile, etc ... check

For the past few days (and the next few days) I'm not doing much at all.  Carbo loading, relaxing, resting, visualising, banishing negative thoughts, carbo loading, reading, packing, trying to keep calm, last minute planning, eating.

Things I'm not doing:  caffeine, alcohol, running (much), loud music, wasting nervous energy.

Over the past six weeks I've had numerous emails from Wendy Lynas (England team manager - 24 hr) and from what I know I would say she's done a very good job so far keeping everyone informed and no doubt answering lots of questions and queries from those new to international competition (like me ...).

Richie Cunningham has a good piece on his blog about the 1978 Football World Cup and the brilliant goal scored by Archie Gemmell against the Dutch team.  Richie seems to use this to psyche himself up for his own attempt at 'beating the English' in Keswick at the Commonwealth Championships.

Does Richie also remember the Home Championship football competition from the same year when England beat Scotland 1-0 at Hampden Park with a goal by Steve Coppell ?


The Sunday Adventure Club said...

hmmm don't remember that defeat Chris, it must have been a rather uneventful game!
See you in Keswick... when i go jinking past ;o)

Simon Anderson said...

Good luck crazy horse. I'm sure you'll do your country very proud.

Anonymous said...

Chris - stunning performance, well done.

Tom M

Paul said...

Brilliant result Chris, well done!! Was that a new PB too?