Wednesday, 11 April 2012

bad weather and no UK men in Seregno

Apart from today, training this week has been hard work.  Not because of the training itself but because of the weather ...

Monday afternoon was a scheduled 21 mile (33 km) fartlek session.  I chose quite a hilly route up the valley and back.  A few decent hills but the heavy rain and strong winds made it harder then usual.

Tuesday morning was another long run.  Twenty three miles this time (37 km) ... this time I ran up the valley almost to Bolton Bridge on narrow country lanes.  At times it was so narrow that cars had trouble passing me. Very enjoyable though, even if the rain was heavier and the winds stronger than the previous afternoon.

Two good character building runs.

This morning it was just a steady 7 miler (11 km) carrying a weighted bag.  Much better weather too but still a little chilly though.

Just seen the entry list for this year's 100 km World Championships and disappointed to find that there are no UK men taking part.  We have some good women though runners - Lizzy Hawker, Emily Gelder and Karen Rushton - who should do well.  But no men.  I seem to remember that it was a similar situation at last year's Anglo Celtic Plate when the selectors even phoned me to ask if I would run.

Why no UK 100km male runners ?  It could be because of the massive increase in popularity of ultra trail races.  But 24 hour races don't seem to have affected by that.  Hmmm.


Jerry Smallwood said...

Chris, your training regime just puts mine to shame!

I have been reasonably lucky down south having missed the rain on a few occasions but currently looking at a very wet and windy world outside the window, I think I will enjoy the rest day this evening as the legs are a bit sore

Richard Hamer said...

Hmm, there's a certain someone who has just dunne, sorry, done a 50-miler in Ireland. Perhaps some subtle leaning?