Tuesday, 3 April 2012

coming along nicely thank you ...

After Saturday's good 4.9 mile race I had a recovery day on Sunday before embarking on my 50k training run.  The route from Otley was up the valley to Burley then over the hill into the next valley (Airedale).  I then ran up that valley to Saltaire where I joined the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

Ran eastwards along the towpath for a eleven miles or so (17.3 km) to Kirkstall before climbing the hill to Headingley.  From there I ran over the hill and back into Wharfedale and Otley.  A few hills to climb but a nice downhill finish.

Overall I didn't push the pace at all, I treated it as just another long run but with ample opportunity to test new foods.  Very pleased to arrive back home in 4h 25 feeling as if I could have continued all day !!!

Later I looked at last years training and came across an entry in my diary for 9 May 2011.  On that day I ran the same route in 4h 33 but had a bad patch about 4.5 miles (7.2 km) from home.  A definite improvement this year I think.

A few congratulations to end this post:

1)  Sharon Gayter recently broke the north south end to end record in Ireland ...
2)  Elizabeth Grayson [another ultra runner from Otley] ran in the Glasgow Edinburgh Double Marathon recently and bettered her time from last year by 43 minutes
3)  Otley AC have qualified to run in the National 12 Stage Road Relay which will be held on 14 April in Birmingham.  The A team earned that by finishing in the top 25 last Saturday.

Well done to all involved.

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