Monday, 16 April 2012

past, present and future

Since my last post ...

Friday - the ultimate rest day.  No training at all.  Nothing ... no running, cycling, stretching or strength work.  Rest and recovery is vitally important ... and strangely enough it's something I look forward to.

Saturday - early morning speed work.  Left home at about 7:30am and ran 14 x 200m at a decent pace, concentrating on form, despite the early morning frost.  No wind or rain though.  Love training at this time of day ... so peaceful.  Lots of strength work in the afternoon.

Sunday - another relatively easy day.  Just over 7 miles (11.6 km) in the morning with a bag and then an hour on the bike in the evening.

This afternoon - left home shortly after noon for a 22 miler ( 32 km) fartlek style.  A few decent hills made it a good run, especially as it averaged out at 7:28 per mile (4:38 per km).  Pleased with that.  Later this evening there will be lots more strength and core work, and stretching.

Tomorrow - another long run, 23 miles, but a bit more sedate this time.  The weather seems to be taking a turn for the worse too but hopefully the overnight rain will ease off quite early and I won't get too wet.  Then it's a run with the club in the evening.

In the midst of all this the planning continues for the ULTRArace 100 in June.  It will be my first long race since last autumn's injury and since that time I've learned a great deal about nutrition during races.  Also planning a long run in the Yorkshire Dales at the beginning of next month with Hugh Pearson.  Mainly so he can learn about crewing in ultras but it's also the first proper chance I've had to put into practise what I've learnt.  Again that's something I'm looking forward to and after the 44 hilly miles (70 km) we should both have a very good idea about how things are going to work in the 100 mile race.

Richard (and other readers) - any questions about training, preparation, nutrition, etc please feel free to ask. Leave a comment on a post or use my contact details which are here.  Please be aware though that I'm still learning and whatever I've found to work for me may not work for you - so be prepared to adapt things for your own particular needs.  Everyone is different.

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