Thursday, 19 April 2012

various bits and pieces

Alright that's enough rain ... it's getting a bit boring now.  Every time I venture outside I get sodden and if I'm running for a couple of hours or more ...

With all this wet weather we're getting this month I expect the ULTRArace 100 to be dry this year.  As it takes place in June it should be dry anyway but you never can tell in this country.  Last year it rained solidly for ten hours or more.

It's good to come home to a decent cup of coffee though.  At the moment that's Starbuck's French Roast, and recently there's been either cheese on toast or porridge to go with that.  Recovery for body and mind.

Fay had some good news yesterday, she been nominated for 'customer services employee of the year' by Bradford City Council.  The awards ceremony takes place on 21 May but she thinks that, if previous years are anything to go by, the prizes will be shared and there won't be an overall winner.

It's still possible that, because of the stupid UK government, she may not have a job after September 2013.

Keir's just learned that he's been selected to go on a school visit to Auschwitz in Poland early next month.  Ties in nicely with his massive interest in history - fourteen days is a bit short notice though.

All the best to those racing soon ... the JOGLE race starts tomorrow I believe and on the April 22 William Sichel is in New York for the 6 day race.  And then there's a marathon in London on Sunday which seems to attract ever increasing numbers of people who aren't well enough trained to run 20 miles let alone 26.2.

And finally ... I hope the hunters in The Magic Forest manage to recapture the lion soon.

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