Monday, 29 September 2008

Crash Training (summary)

Time to reflect on last week's training.

Normally I would have run 80 miles last week with two long runs [20 miles+], one fartlek session and one tempo run. I managed 160 miles with three long runs and four 'speedwork' sessions (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). Total running: over 24 hours 6 minutes.

Normally I would have been on the bike twice and done two strength/conditioning sessions. I managed four of each. Total cycling: over 3hours 20 minutes. Strength/conditioning: over 2 hours 21 minutes.

Normally I would stretch six times a week. I managed to stretch every day for a total of over 1 hour 40 minutes.

Eccentric achilles stretching, wobble board work and ankle massage remained exactly as normal.

At the beginning of the week my average waking pulse was 45.4 ... at the end it was 45.5.

At the beginning of the week my weight was 57.9kg ... at the end it was 57.7kg.

Other observations were:

1 - I'm glad the weather was decent, it wouldn't have been much fun if the weather had been bad.
2 - hydration wasn't easy to maintain towards the end of the week.
3 - I wasn't as tired or sleepy as expected ... although I do feel tired now.
4 - The pace of my steady runs seemed to drop on Thursday and Friday but picked up again on Saturday (despite perceived effort remaining constant) ... I'm not sure why.
5 - On Sunday afternoon Fay reported that of late I had been a bit more aggressive than usual. I hadn't noticed this at all and it came as a bit of a shock. She couldn't say whether it was just tiredness or increased testosterone levels because of all the training [if that's possible].
6 - Good diet and recovery definitely helps.

Someone once said that "Ultraunning is an experiment of one."

Well, this entry (and those for the last week), I hope, provides some results of that experiment.

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