Friday, 26 September 2008

Crash Training (5)

Last night's run was a bit strange ... seemed to be running at a fairly brisk pace but the overall time was quite slow.


7:00am - wobble board
8:30am - ran just over 15 miles
2:20pm - 50 minutes cycling
6:40pm - almost 8 miles fartlek
8:00pm - stretching, wobble board and ankle massage

This morning's run was quite hard work but this evening's fartlek run was excellent.

Today I found it quite hard to stay hydrated and I've developed the odd niggle - right ankle and left knee. The ankle is definitely not achilles tendinosis or tendinitis. They don't feel serious but I need to be careful for the next couple of days. Ice and anti-inflammatory pills beckon.

During the Hull 24 hr race in 2007 I developed a nervous twitch which took at least 4 months to disappear - well it reappeared again this evening.

Wonderful sunset over Ilkley Moor today.

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