Sunday, 21 August 2011

possible changes

Just a brief post to explain that there are a couple of POSSIBLE changes to my racing plans for the remainder of the year.

On Thursday 1 September I was hoping to take part in my club's annual 3000m track race which, this year, is on the new track in Keighley.  However ... yesterday an important meeting was called by the local Group Scout Leader to take place on the same evening.  Perhaps I can get out of it but being the chairman maybe not ...

In December I was looking to take part in the Barcelona 24 hour race but this is looking increasingly unlikely.  Keir is due to start university in 2012 and at the moment is in the process of applying for courses, visiting universities, going for interviews, etc.  One such visit, to Rome, coincides with the Barcelona race and requires him and me to be there for a couple of days.  I am trying to get it rearranged but I don't hold out much hope.

I'll keep you all informed though.


Jerry Smallwood said...

Difficult one Chris, one side of me says you should go to the Scout meeting as your civic duty but the other side says your race is a pre-arranged event...afterall you do have a deputy chair (I would hope) that could deputise.

Another side is...what are your chances of winning? If low (which I suspect not) then use the scouts as a very good reason why not to race >:-)

Chris Carver said...

Winning ... no chance at all.

But I've just had notice that the scouts meeting has been postponed for a week because very few people can attend on 1 September.

So ... I'll be on the track then aiming for an 11 minute 3000m.