Saturday, 13 August 2011

Not Much To Report

OK I know I haven't posted for a while but training and family stuff has been a bit of a priority this week.

After a relatively easy week (see previous post) I went straight back to normal training with 9 miles steady on Saturday, 12 x 100m on Sunday, 24 miles fartlek on Tuesday, 26+ miles on Wednesday, 9 miles on Thursday and 18 hill reps on Friday.  Not forgetting the strength work, cycling and stretching of course.

Tuesday afternoon's fartlek was basically from Otley to Silsden and back via Ilkley and Addingham.  Far from flat and after a suitable warm up it was basically 12 x 7:10 at 10k pace with 3:50 recovery.  The total time was a very pleasing 3h 15.

Wednesday morning's long run was a two lapped route taking in Ilkley and Askwith - again not flat .  A good 26 miles though.  The heavy rain made it somewhat less than enjoyable and I somehow managed to arrive home with a badly scratched right arm.

The hill reps up and down Newall Carr Bank seemed very easy, no doubt due to my increasing fitness.  Pleased with that.

Training for the next two weeks will be very similar but with a couple of tempo runs included (8 miles and 7 miles).  And also an increase in the number of hill reps and 100m reps (20 of each).

After that it's the crash training week mentioned previously.

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