Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I feel good this evening

On Monday afternoon I went for a long run - fartlek style.  A hilly 25 mile route with the usual fast bursts at 10k pace.  Total time 3h 06.  Excellent.

This morning, ie with less than 14 hours recovery, I went for another long run.  Hilly again but without the fartlek [come on ... there are limits ...] the 27.5 miles took 3h 53 and it seemed easy.  Even running up Hollins Hill after 22 miles was not difficult at all.  Overall I'm surprised how strong I felt during the final third of the run ... right to the finish too.

A simple 12.5 miler tomorrow.

Feeling very confident at the moment.

I hope Chris Finill and Stephen Pope are too because tomorrow they begin their epic journey running across America.  I wish them all the best.  You can keep up to date with their progress on their website and blog at

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