Thursday, 25 August 2011

another good week

On Monday I went for another long run in the afternoon.  Fartlek style again but this time the fast sections were 7:40 in length with 3:55 recovery.  In total I ran 26 miles in about 3h 25

No running (or any other training) on Tuesday but I spent the day relaxing and buying kit, food, drink, etc needed for next month's Commonwealth Championships.

Wednesday morning was a straight forward long run of 28.6 miles using a section of the Leeds Liverpool Canal between Shipley and Kirkstall.  Completed in about 4 hours.

This morning was a 7 mile tempo run along the route of the Otley 10.  Completed in 48:54 - a bit slower per mile than recent tempo runs but I'm happy with that because morning runs do tend to be slightly slower than afternoon runs and I did run 28.6 miles less than 24 hours earlier.

Also cycled yesterday and today and did some strength work and stretching every day.  No running tomorrow - resting before a week of crash training.  In general I won't be able to post much but I will try to provide daily details of exactly what I've been doing.  It all begins with a 5k race on Saturday morning - and does now include a 3k race on Thursday because the scouts meeting has been postponed.

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