Saturday, 5 July 2008

Good news for ultra running

Just found this on the Planet Ultra Marathon website:

100km and 24hr Commonwealth Championship - 2009

The inaugural Commonwealth championships for 100km and 24 hour will take place in Cumbria, England in September 2009. Upon successful completion, the events should become fixtures within the Commonwealth games structure and eventually the Olympics. Congratulations to the IAU and to Norman Wilson in particular for this major development.

For more details (and more news about other ultras) see

Also good news (and not so good) for William Sichel. He has won the Hamm 6 day race in Germany with a new pb of 857.07km. [The second placed runner completed 580.18km].

Unfortunately he just missed his longed for Scottish record which is 878.7km by George Cameron - set in 1882 !!!!

Well done to William ...

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Phil Essam said...

Thanks for the link. Appreciated.


PS- Your site looks informative.