Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Almost There ...

First of all an apology (again ... )

On June 25 I included a link to Phil Robertson's blog that was incorrect. The actual address is [I guess I must've been thinking of Iron Maiden !!!].

With only a few days left I've started applying a thick coating of vaseline to my feet at least twice a day. It feels strange when walking but it definitely helps reduce blister formation during these long races. [Another tip from William Sichel although everyone is different and you must adjust it to your own needs/requirements].

For the last few days it's taken me longer than usual to get to sleep at night. I guess this is a consequence of being less active recently because of tapering.

Had my last run of any worth today - 7 miles fartlek. The final run will be a 4 miler tomorrow evening showing runners around the route of the Washburn Relay which I've organised for 18 July.

The weather forecast isn't exactly brilliant for the weekend - heavy showers. Nothing I can do about that though except hope it's wrong.

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Simon Anderson said...

Good luck Chris, and I hope that the weather clears for you.