Monday, 12 May 2008

Test Results

Forgot to mention earlier that on what I referred to as my first 'proper' long run I tested a bottle of Lucozade Sport Caffeine Boost. Well, it certainly gave me the distinctive 'kick' which lasted about 30 minutes and comparing it with normal Lucozade Sport it is very similar indeed but with 80mg caffeine per bottle [and 10x the potassium].

In past 24 hr races I have used Red Bull to help keep me awake during the night and at dawn but as the caffeine content is the same and the carbs, protein, vitamins, electrolytes aren't it's almost certain that I'll switch to Lucozade Sport with caffeine.

Last week I used Powerade sports drink instead of my usual Lucozade Sport or Isostar. Not to be used again - EVER. Caused an upset stomach of immense proportions on both test runs. Not fun when at 10 miles into an 18 miler at 7:20 per mile.

This morning's long run saw me test some chocolate coated coffee beans. Easier to chew and swallow than expected ... nice taste ... no caffeine kick [not for me anyway] ... don't know the nutritional content. Will I use them again ? Not sure.

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