Friday, 23 May 2008

National Championships Unimportant

Enjoying a training free day today ... well, except for the eccentric achilles stretches and massage which is still ongoing.

Looked in Athletics Weekly for the results and/or a report from last weekends Anglo Celtic Plate 100k race in Cardiff which, as usual, was the UK Championships.

Of course (I should've known) there was no mention at all of the event. Obviously a national championship is not important enough. Not on the AW website either.

Then checked the UK Athletics website ... no news here either. How can the national governing body not have results for the national championship?

Found the results, at last, on John Pares (my main rival in Hull) finished in 6th with 7h 50:07. I've never raced this distance but I guess I could do about 8h 20 ish (10th in this year's Anglo Celtic Plate)

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