Thursday, 8 May 2008

John Carr 5k (race 1) - Esholt

Last night's 5k race went very well. My kilometre splits were 3:50, 3:54, 4:04, 4:22 and 3:24. A downhill start and a downhill finish with an uphill fourth kilometre.

Pleased with my time of 19:36 in my first 5k race in almost 4 years. Ran home after the race too making a total of slightly over 9 miles including warm up.

Received an email today from the organiser of the Hull 24 hr race - basically a list of entries. It would appear that John Pares has entered. He won the London 24 hr race in 2006 and 2007 and has a best of 236k (147 miles) as opposed to my best of 205k (127 miles).

I think the best thing for me now would to just concentrate on my race and try not to be influenced by anything John does ... you never know, he may have a bad day. I'm confident of bettering my best too.

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