Saturday, 31 May 2008

I Feel Fine

Apologies for not posting recently, I've been in London for a few days.

Last Monday was my first very long training run since September 2007 ... 32 to 33 miles incorporating 10 or 11 miles of the Leeds Liverpool Canal into a fierce headwind. A very enjoyable few hours which caused less problems with my ankle than expected.

The days in London were my first this year where the eccentric achilles stretches were not performed - still did the general stretching and ankle massage though.

Whilst in London I called into Run And Become to buy some full length sorbothane insoles and say 'hello' to the staff who help to make the 24hr race at Tooting in October such a good event. Didn't get a chat as they were exceptionally busy - hardly room to move in fact.

Only six weeks to go now to my first ultra since major injury struck about six months ago. Between now and then I have two Harrogate & District Summer Road Race League races in Thirsk and Hudswell (near Richmond), stage two of the Bradford Millennium Way Relay for my club (Otley AC) and also a club handicap (or two).

Training is going really well at the moment and I feel good.

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