Friday, 6 June 2008

busy, busy, busy

Had lots of PC/internet connection problems recently ... I think they're all sorted out now and normal service can be resumed.

The full length sorbothane inner soles I bought in London recently don't seem to stop the balls of my feet from being painful on long runs ... in fact, I would say they make it worse. A couple of days ago I had to change my shoes twice during a 23 miler.

The instructions say to use them over the top of the inner soles provided with the shoes. Perhaps I'll try them "instead of" as opposed to "as well as".

Still using the sorbothane heel raises though but the long standing achilles injury is now officially no more ... ie I'm injury free for the first time since October last year.

Ran a Harrogate League race in Thirsk last night, approx 5 miles (probably a bit more). I came away with my best time ever on that course, which I'm very pleased about. One of our team, Gilly, came away with an injury to the back of her left knee though which doesn't look good - she couldn't straighten her leg or put any weight on her left foot. She seemed a bit sad, which is only natural as she's been running well recently. I hope she's OK.

Seriously beginning to think now about exactly what food, drink, painkillers, suntan lotion, kit I'll need to take to the Hull 24 hr race - gels, rice pudding, custard, jaffa cakes, grapes, Turkish Delight, electrolyte sports drinks, salt, sun glasses, the list goes on and on ...

Also been busy allocating tasks for this Wednesday's Otley 10. I have to find at least 50 volunteers and allocate tasks such as marshalling, car park attendants, timekeepers, lead car driver, sweep car driver, finish recorders, people to give out mementoes and drinks after the race. Also have to liaise with local police and councils, scouts, town mayor, other sports clubs who share our car park, etc. Very busy at the moment.

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