Monday, 16 June 2008

Crash Training

After cutting short Friday's training and feeling very fresh after yesterday's 10 mile relay leg over Haworth Moor I've decided to change my last week of 'proper' training before tapering begins next Monday.

I've decided to have a week of crash training. This basically involves all the components of a normal training week ... but twice as much of it. This will be followed by a week of reduced training - which is part of my tapering anyway.

Having read about crash training in articles by Frank Horwill I understand that very careful attention has to be paid to recovery, healthy eating, injuries and listening to my body.

Today I began with almost 12 miles of which 8 were at sub 6:40 per mile.

After extensive testing it appears that sorbothane insoles work better when used instead of the insoles which are supplied with shoes.

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