Sunday, 11 May 2008

Races and Training

Training going very well at the moment - taking a day off today. No running, cycling or stretching at all.

At the moment I'm reading the books by Lemony Snicket called A Series Of Unfortunate Events. In book 5 the Boudelaire children (Violet, Klaus and Sunny) are made to run laps of a running track by the evil Count Olaf who is disguised as a gym teacher ... so many laps that in fact they are underage ultra runners! The children are made to run around the track all night for a number of consecutive nights before spending their days in lessons.

Just found out that William Sichel has changed his plans for autumn and has now decided to run in the Self Transcendence 24 hr race in London - the race I've entered. Already looking forward to our second encounter.

I've now changed the wallpaper and screen saver on my computer to help with the mental aspect of training. The wallpaper is a photo of me nearing the end of the Hull race last year (courtesy of my son with his then new camera). The screen saver is a message with my targets for the race.

Long run tomorrow - 19 miles taking in a stretch of the Leeds Liverpool Canal - going to try some chocolate coated coffee beans from Whittards of Chelsea (are they easy to chew/swallow ... can I keep them down ... do they have the same effect as coffee ?). Nineteen miles again on Tuesday using the mile marks of the Otley 10 so I can judge my pace accurately (aiming for approx 7:15 per mile). On Wednesday there's another 5k race followed by a steady run home.

Apart from training most of my spare time is now taken up with organising the Otley 10 - letter writing, finding marshals and helpers, buying signs and other supplies, etc.

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