Monday, 25 February 2008

Time for a sandwich

Later this week, all being well, I can move onto the next stage of my rehab. For the past fortnight I've been alternating running and walking 5 mins each and I'm now up to a total of 65 mins. On Friday I plan to run continuously for 35 mins [wow ...].

By the middle of March I should be able to run for an hour continuously and then I can begin normal training ... long runs, tempo runs, hill reps, etc (starting gradually of course).

Rated today's run at 98 out of 100, yesterday's was 97.

Whilst out training (!!!) my toenail came off - an old injury from last year's Hull 24 hr track race.

Must go and try Ian Fisher's recipe for a cheese sandwich [hmmm ... salad, or not ?]. This amazing champion's recipe can be found at (17 February).

Have fun.

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