Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Serious Competition

Just been looking at William Sichel's website and he's just posted his races for this year. They include the Hull 24 hr race in July ... the one I'm aiming for. After an email conversation with him last summer I guess his target would be about 247k or 153 miles (the UK age group record [M50]).

William was UK number 5 last year whereas I was a lowly number 7. He's been running ultras for a long time now and is definitely one to watch as his achievements are fantastic. They can be seen on his website

I also noticed that he plans to run the Surgeres 48hr race in mid May. This will give him only 8 weeks recovery before Hull !!

Will this give me an extra incentive to maintain my new found professionalism regarding diet, time management and willingness to do the work needed to succeed - of course it has.

Need to look at last year's training to see what can be improved and how. One thing's for sure though, I think I'll stick with the cycling but need to find a way of incorporating it properly when running commences.

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