Monday, 11 February 2008

Stage two begins

Well, it's done. My first run of any type since 24 December 2007. How did it go ? Well ... I iced my ankle for 30 mins before setting off and for the first 15 - 20 mins it didn't feel normal but I put that down to the ice and the type of shoes I was wearing [Nike Air Max Bounty] which are still quite new and stiff. For the second half of my 40 minute outing my ankle felt absolutely fine.

I know that alternating 5 mins running with 5 mins walking is still a long way from proper training but this is another milestone reached. Tomorrow will be identical in terms of running - I hope the result is too.

After a shower the pinch test as advocated by Noakes in his 'Lore Of Running' indicated no deterioration in the achilles. Fantastic.

Used ice for 30 mins after the run too.

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