Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Making Plans

Training (if I could call it that) is going very well at the moment. Yesterday's outing scored 98 and today's did likewise.

Time now to look at putting together a proper schedule starting from mid March ... things such as long runs, hill reps, tempo runs, intervals, etc. One question though: my races last year were 1 mile, 5.7 miles, 5.9 miles, 5 miles, 24 hours, 24 hours and 2 trail relays so how do I estimate what my 10k, 5k, 3k half marathon paces should be ? I also ran a 10k but that doesn't count because I ran 17 miles to the start before racing (ran home too after the race).

Using the World Masters Age Graded Tables and some clever stats I've decided that the above training paces should be (per mile): 6:26, 6:11, 5:52 and 6:38 respectively.

Also beginning to look at races - not entering anything yet (apart from the Hull 24 hr race). Those that interest me include:

Wakefield 10k, S. Leeds Stadium 5m, North of England 12 stage relay, Rothwell 10k, Bradford 10k, Harrogate League, John Carr 5k Series, Black Sheep Series, Meanwood Valley Trail Race, Wharfedale Off-Road Full & Half Marathons, Bradford Millennium Way Relay, Stainland 7, Mileta 10k, Wetherby 10k, Sutton 7.

The following ultras are also possible: Ridgeway 40, Fife 50k, Gordon Bentley 12 hr, Marlborough Downs Challenge, Dartmoor Discovery, Rochdale Canal Relay, White Cliffs 50, Self Transcendence 24 hr.

These things all depend on how my rehab continues to progress ... but things are looking good.

Just seen in Athletics Weekly that two ultra runners are standing for election to the Road Running Leadership Group: Hilary Walker and Pam Storey. As secretary of Otley AC and Race Director of the Otley 10 I believe I'm entitled to vote (twice). After reading the information on UK Athletics website I think I'll have to go with Hilary ... sorry Pam !!

PS can you tell I'm in a much better frame of mind that I was in early January.

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