Saturday, 23 February 2008

One less ultra

Forgot to mention earlier ... last Tuesday Mick Jeffrey apologised for not including Andy Milroy's 100 mile race report in the newsletter he was editing. He said he ended up with enough articles from other sources and perhaps it would be better in March when I'm editing Otley AC's newsletter.

Today I've just found out that the Rochdale Canal Relay (ultra runners are invited to take part as a one man team) will not take part this year due to a 'change in circumstances' [whatever that means].

I was looking forward to that one in early June.

Recovery is not progressing as well now. My last two runs were only given 94 and 95 points. Still very optimistic though and the cycling, eccentric ankle stretches, massage, strength exercises all seem to be working. Today I ran 5 mins, walked 5 mins, ran 5 mins, etc for a total of one hour.

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