Friday, 29 February 2008

Stage Three

This morning I began stage three of my rehabilitation ... actually a 35 minute run. Ran slowly and covered 4 miles with no ill effects at all but I did ice my achilles for half an hour before and after.

Lost approx 600g in weight during the run [21 ounces]. At this rate I'll soon have my weight down to a more respectable level - 61.6 kg is far too high for me [9 st 9.8 lb].

Yesterday I passed the North of England 12 stage relay entry form to Zack (Otley AC team captain). Will I be able to run. Probably but don't expect me to gain much speed before April 6.

At the moment I'm reading two books I received as a birthday present (earlier this week) - very good they are too:

(1) Run Strong by Kevin Beck
(2) Performance Nutrition For Runners by Matt Fitzgerald

Nutrition during ultra races is essential to get right for optimal performance.

Also received a pack of chocolate coated coffee beans to try during a long run - as recommended by Dean Karnazes in his book 'Ultramarathon Man'.

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