Sunday, 2 March 2008

A Good Weekend

Another good run today although I could've done without the hurricane strength winds this morning ... in this weather I don't think I could manage more that 4 or 5 miles anyway (I was out for 35 minutes).

Forty minutes tomorrow !!!

Yesterday I helped at the latest Otley AC handicap at Eccup. I'm not allowed to run 10k so I did the timekeeping - it was cold though. Phil Robinson was first home closely followed by Antonio. If I had have been running I'd have been last starter ... by at least a couple of minutes. Back home I had a 90 minute session on the exercise bike.

This afternoon I booked our hotel for Hull. Three nights at the Innkeepers Lodge for me and a crew of two for £108 in total. Not using the middle night though as I'll be running ... but it's good to have something just in case the worst happens. All this planning recently is definitely helping with the mental thing regarding the injury and the fact that the Hull 24 hr race is now only 19 weeks away and I still can't manage 5 miles [let alone 135].

Good to see an ultra result in Athletics Weekly - Thames Meander 54. I see that the twelfth finisher came home in 8h 59 (9:59 per mile) ... shame I'm injured. Useful info for next year though. The winner was D. Afshar (7h 16) and the first two women were Ramona Thevenet-Smith and Sharon Gayter whom I last competed against in London in Oct 2007 [beat Ramona, narrowly lost to Sharon].

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