Sunday, 16 March 2008

Advanced Planning

Spent an hour or so, earlier today, at Roundhay Park in Leeds where my son was running a mile for Sport Relief (well, 3 miles actually this year).

It was well and truly packed and he could hardly run at all for the first 5 mins or so. Still, he managed the hilly course in under 30 mins and made me very proud of him. He raised a fair bit of money for the charity too.

My schedule is coming along nicely:

RUNNING: three days on and one day off; including long runs, fartlek, tempo and the occasional very long run and short race (5k - 10 miles).

CYCLING: retain at two or three times a week but increase the quality.

STRENGTH TRAINING: keep this as it's obviously working.

ECCENTRIC ACHILLES STRETCHES: gradually reduce from 14 times per week to once every three days. Keep increasing the weights in the rucksack for now.

MASSAGE WITH DEEP HEAT: continue twice a day for now then once a day for a few months before stopping altogether.

COLOSTRUM: stop using when current supplies are exhausted as I'm not convinced it's doing any good.

ICE: gradually reduce the use of ice after cycling and also before & after running.

HEEL RAISES: continue with these in all my running shoes for all my runs.

STRETCHING: 15 mins or so every day; quads, hamstrings, lower back, calves, achilles and abductors.

REST & RECOVERY: every second non-running day will also be non-cycling and non-strength training.

Also keeping up with the good footcare routine and much better diet than last year.

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