Sunday, 9 March 2008

Head still hurts ...

Went for a run this afternoon. Up to 50 mins now and as my son is doing the Sport Relief mile next weekend I thought it a good idea that he came with me ... just in case, you understand !!!

He's actually doing the 3 mile version but he's never run so far before. Him being with me made sure I ran slowly and with care today.

Recently posted on the England Athletics website is the selection criteria for this year's Anglo Celtic Plate 100k (18 May - Cardiff). Basically performances since 1 Jan 2007 will be considered but candidates will probably have taken part in either the Epney Gloucester 50k, Draycote Water 35 or Barry 40 this year as proof of fitness [I hope I've interpreted that correctly]. The full article is at

I know I'm nowhere near fit enough at the moment for a 100k race in May but this information is useful for future years. And possibly can be used as a basis for selection for the Commonwealth Championships 24 hr event in autumn (?) 2009 by substituting dates and races in their statement.

Had a fantastic reply from William Sichel about compression clothing which I'm very grateful for (and also his concern about yesterday's incident).

And to anyone else who's reading this, no, I wasn't drunk. I've not touched a drop since my birthday about a fortnight ago.

I hope William doesn't mind me picking his brains every now and again but I find it really useful talking to more experienced runners about the intricacies of ultra running.

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