Wednesday, 21 September 2011

training finished

A couple of hours ago I did my very last training session before the weekend's race.  Just a short steady run in the morning sunshine ... a bit breezy but not too bad.  I hope it's not too windy during the race on Friday and Saturday.

The remainder of today will be spent packing, eating, relaxing, snacking, sleeping and nibbling.  Must remember the beetroot juice.

England Athletics have now officially announced the teams for the weekend's races - see their website for details.

Just seen the official start list for the 24 hr race and as well as old acquaintances from Australia, Canada, India, Scotland, Wales there are also three runners from Sierra Leone and one from Gambia.

The question is ... will they actually be on the start line ?  A Kenyan runner was entered for the 24 hr race in Keswick two years ago but I believe he pulled out just before the start when it finally dawned on him what the race entails.  I guess that when his name was entered it had not been explained to him properly - lost in translation perhaps.

I cannot find any information about the African runners so I presume they are fairly new to the sport of ultra running.  I hope they do start and I hope they enjoy themselves and want to do more.

Travelling tomorrow morning and due to arrive in Llandudno just after 1.00pm.  Hope to see a few of you there ... please come along to support the runners if you can - the 24 hour race starts at noon on Friday.


aka Johny Smash said...

good luck, though I will be bestowing more of that on my Scottish comrades ;-)

John Kynaston said...

See you in Llandudo tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to cheering you on and I hope you exceed your expectations!

Simon Anderson said...

Good luck Chris.