Thursday, 29 September 2011

recent race

Over the past few days there has been lots written about the Commonwealth Championships in various places and here I attempt to bring them all together.

- lots of stuff on the IAU website
- this appeared on the IAAF website
- UK Athletics put something on their website after being prompted by me
- England Athletics has some stuff too
- Welsh Athletics has something here
- the news from Scottish Athletics is here
- has a piece that also includes a short video clip
- blogs which have some good stuff include William Sichel and John Kynaston (with two excellent videos)
- finally there's some stuff on the two official Commonwealth Championships websites ... here and here

As for me ... well I'm recovering nicely at the moment despite my left shoulder being still painful at times.  Today I've started looking around for a race or two in the first half of next year before the World Championships in Poland (if I'm selected of course).

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