Saturday, 1 October 2011

one week after

Went for an 11 mile run this morning in glorious sunshine.  Left home at 7.30am and the temperature was already 13.25 Celsius (55.85 Fahrenheit).  Amazing for October.  The run itself went very well with no major problems ... recovering well it seems.

My shoulders are still painful though, especially the left one.  I guess I now know my weak spot ... and now I've got to learn what to do about it.

I found earlier today (thanks to John Pares) that footage from the recent Commonwealth Championships will be shown on British TV as follows:

Channel S4C on Sunday 9 October at 5.00pm
Channel 4 on Saturday 29 October at 7.00am

Should be good viewing.  The cameramen must have had far more footage than they could possibly hope to use.  I hope it's been edited and put together well.

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