Monday, 31 October 2011

TV ... carbs ... injury

Hope you all watched the program on Channel 4 (UK) on Saturday morning at 7.00am.  It was almost an hours worth of coverage from the second Commonwealth Mountain & Ultra Running Championships which took place in Llandudno a few weeks ago (as if you didn't know).

A very good program showing about 20 minutes from each of the three races.  If you haven't seen it yet you can find it here.  I believe it's available for another four weeks or so and it's well worth watching.

A few days ago there was a brilliant piece on the Sweat Science website about carbohydrate intake during exercise.  In a nutshell we used to believe that humans could metabolise a maximum of 60g carbs per hour when running but recent studies have founds that 90g per hour can be achieved if we use 60g glucose and 30g fructose.

I know this isn't such a new idea (it was mentioned in Lore Of Running by Tim Noakes) but this piece reinforces, with me at least, the need to try a mixture of glucose and fructose in my future training and racing.

This afternoon I was at the physio again and the good news is that my ankle injury is much less serious than originally thought.  It turns out to be Achilles Tendinopathy and the course of action is a further weeks rest followed by four or five weeks gradually returning to full training.  All the while I'll be cycling lots and building up strength and flexibility in both ankles with weights, stretching and eccentric contractions.

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