Saturday, 15 October 2011

the first steps to stronger shoulders and upper back

Woke up this morning ... and there was no electricity supply to the house.  Nothing worked.  No lights, no switches, nothing.

Phoned the generating company and they said they'd send an engineer out.  Meanwhile I went for a run.  It was still only 7.00am but it was a wonderful morning.  Sunny, cold and foggy.  A great and peaceful time for running.

Shortly after I returned home the engineer arrived and went to the sub-station which I can see from the kitchen window.  Fifteen minutes later the electricity came on and he departed - shortly afterwards I received a text letting me know the problem had been repaired.

A blown fuse in the sub-station (again !!)

For the past week or so I've been looking around (books, websites, etc) for strength and flexibility exercises for my shoulder and upper back.

One source has been the Virtual Sports Injury Clinic website.  Particularly this page for flexibility and this one for strength.

Also found some good stuff on Ultra Fitness Training, the site set up by William Sichel and Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe.

Brian MacKenzie ahas some useful stuff on his site too. has some good things too.  On this page.

Now all I've got to do is integrate it into my normal stretching and strength training routines.

I haven't started looking at races for next year yet but I will start doing that in the next day or too.  Meanwhile if you haven't read about my last race yet - here is the report from Llandudno.

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Thomas said...

Saw the program on S4C, including a few shots of you. There is one where you look like death remade - I presume its the incident you mentioned in your report.

Late congratulations on a tough race, even if it didn't quite go to plan.