Wednesday, 19 August 2009

world challenge

The United States of America have announced their qualifying standards for next year's World Championships 24 hr race which will be held in Brive (France) in mid May.

They have decided that American men need to record 135 miles (217.262k) and women need 120 miles (193.122k).

By contrast it is likely that here in the United Kingdom the standards will be 146.022 miles (235k) for men and 132.353 miles (213k) for women.

The population of the UK is about 60 million and the population of the USA is well over 200 million. Also, overall the United States is much better at athletics than the UK - just look at the medal tables from recent Olympic Games and World Championships for proof of this - so why is our qualification standard so much harder?

On a slightly different note, I'm sure Dan Rose will be able to make the grade at the American Championships later this year. So long as his recent calf injury worries are behind him and he can get some decent training under his belt.

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Michael said...

Good running at the championship -

I have contemplated the USA qualification standards (I am from US)myself. On one hand it allows people to compete / strive for something that might had appeared out of reach and you never know who could pop a big one. On the other hand does it promote mediocre performaces?

Us Americans are in love with the 100 mile trail race and very few of the top 100 mile runners would consider running cirles for 24 hours.

I am hopeful for 2010 worlds myself - With 147.41 miles back in June.