Friday, 14 August 2009

official confirmation

A letter arrived this morning from England Athletics:

"I am pleased to inform you of your selection to represent England in the Commonwealth Championship 24 Hour race at Keswick Cumbria on Thursday 17th September 2009, Start time 12 Noon."

etc, etc

The letter was dated 31 July.

As a non driver I find that the journey from Otley to Keswick on public transport isn't going to be the easiest journey (especially as I have to take clothes for five days and everything required for a 24hr race).

If anyone reading this is travelling to Keswick by car (or van) and passing anywhere near Otley, Leeds or Bradford on Wednesday 16 September I would appreciate a lift. Obviously I would make a suitable contribution towards fuel costs, etc.  If you can help please email

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Anonymous said...

Chris I can't believe how slow the selectors have been in giving you official notification of your selection. What a bunch of lacklustre to**ers they are... I thought the FA were hopelessly inept, but this lot sound worse!!

Anyway, good luck at Keswick; hope you have favourable weather! Best Regards, Fartlekfergus