Friday, 28 August 2009

crash training - day 7

7.25am steady (approx 6.5 miles)

noon stretching

2.25pm tempo run (approx 10.5 miles)

5.45pm stretching

6.50pm strength and conditioning

7.35pm 50 minutes on the bike

Heavy rain and strong winds this morning.  The plan for this afternoon's run was to do 8 miles at 6:37 to 6:42 per mile.  It was far too windy and in the end I was pleased with 6:53 per mile.

Well, it's all over ... at last.

Overall I spent over 32 hours 20 minutes training during the past seven days.  This included over 162 miles of running in over 23 h 41 m.  Cycling took over 3h 20 m, stretching took over 3 h 5 m and strength/conditioning exercises took almost 2 h 14 m.

Got to go now ... very tired ... zzzzz

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