Monday, 14 March 2011

long run

This morning I went for a long run.  Only about 19.3 miles but the main significance was that it was by far the longest run since my injury.  In fact it was my longest training run since 6 December last year.

Anyway the run, quite hilly, went without a hitch at all.  Easy in fact.  I also tried out a couple of ideas picked up from the discussion about nutrition earlier this year on blogs by John Kynaston and one or two others.  Basically I took on board no carbs until about 2h 20 into the run ... again, no problems at all.

Next Sunday will be my first race this year.  It's the North of England 12 stage relay and I'll be running stage 8 for Otley AC.  The event is being held in Catterick this year and I'm really looking forward to it - even though I'll only be running 4k.  Good speedwork.

Thanks to Thomas for his comment on my last post ... his suggested worked a treat and everything seems much clearer.

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Moses said...

What kind of time will you be looking for at the 12 stage?