Sunday, 13 March 2011

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The IAU have recently announced that there will be no World Championship 24 hr race this year.  Their website has all the details but it's a shame for a number of reasons:

- after having an annual event every year since 2003 it seems sad to miss a year.  That means that the 2010 world champions will be the title holders until September 2012.
-  Soochow in Taiwan was the setting for some very good performances down the years, not least of which was the women's world best by Mami Kudo (254.425 km ... 158 miles 162 yards).
- at the moment it looks likely now that I'll be in Barcelona in mid December.  But the race website is in Catalan and the translation tool I have doesn't seem too keen on that language ... can anyone help please.

At least now I can safely concentrate all my training efforts on this year's Commonwealth Championships in Llandudno.

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Thomas said...

Which translation tool did you use? Google Translate seems to do an ok job, at least you can make out what they're saying.