Saturday, 5 March 2011

Challenge 66

Some of you may remember that when I undertook the Run to London, almost two years ago now, one of the key members of my crew was Andy McMenemy.

He helped me so much during the excessively hot Sunday afternoon ... and on into the night.  Even holding me upright at times so that I could doze and run at the same time.He was also instrumental in getting me running again 15 minutes after passing out while changing my shoes after about 39 hours of running.

Absolutely brilliant ... I couldn't have done it without him.

Well now he's got his own charity thing going and it's definitely worthy of support.

Taken from his website (

"On the 16th March 2011 Andy McMenemy will commence his toughest challenge yet, to run 66 ultra marathons in 66 consecutive days from each of the 66 official UK cities. There are 6 in Scotland, 5 in Ireland, 5 in Wales and 50 in England, and by undertaking this feat of epic proportions Andy will challenge the official Guinness World Record which currently rests at 52. Andy is proud to support ABF The Soldiers’ Charity who are celebrating a successful 66 years of delivering outstanding support to British Army personnel and Challenge66 is being dedicated solely to the charity to help raise funds and awareness of their work. Challenge66 will be coming to a city near you so dig deep and make a difference as every little helps."

I wont be able to run with him in Leeds or Bradford as 50k is much too far after January's knee injury ... but I may be able to run in York or Ripon at the end of his adventure.  I'm sure he needs all the help he can get with raising funds for a cause which means a lot to him.  Running in one of the cities would also be a great help.  Th logistic issues surrounding something like this must be immense ... but in some ways the army are the best people to help with that.

Great bloke ... great cause ... wishing you all the luck in the world Andy.

PS ... no idea why the top half of this post is in upper case letters.  There are obviously some web gremlins somewhere.

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