Friday, 25 March 2011

coming along nicely

This morning I ran some hill reps for the first time this year.  Felt good, ran well, used a different hill.  I usually use a short steep hill of about 250m but earlier this year I decided to use a much longer hill (about 700m) but less steep.  That's because of the hilly nature of the 100 miler in June.

For those of you who know this area, Farnley Lane in Otley is still quite a serious hill and for my first time I ran up and down six times.  Quite pleased with that because, including the 1.6 mile warm up and cool, down my average pace was 8:15 per mile.  That's OK ... better than expected.  Over the coming months I'll increase the number of reps up to twelve.

Congratulations to Simon Anderson on his new pb in the Rome marathon last weekend.  I think he'll be slightly disappointed to just miss out on a sub 3hr time though.  He bettered his old best by seven minutes though so that's excellent.

All the best to the runners in this weekend's 100k in Perth (Scotland).  Hope the weather holds out, it's been excellent here this week and today I ran without gloves for the first time in 2011.  Wish I could be in Perth.

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