Friday, 23 July 2010

recent running

Here's a quick rundown of my running over the past four days:

TUESDAY - tempo run first thing in the morning.  My target, after a suitable warm up, was to run 7.1 miles between 46:51 and 48:09.  These paces represent my 10k and half marathon paces ... or they did at the end of last year !!!  This morning I managed 47:40 with no difficulty whatsoever.  Pleased with that at 8.00am.

WEDNESDAY - Golden Acre Relay.  This local event is for teams of three over a 2.75 mile off road circuit which is undulating, twisting and narrow in places.  I was placed in a team with Dale Foster and Andrew Robertshaw (both much quicker than me over short distances).  Dale ran 16:05, Andrew 16:20 and myself 17:50.  Overall we finished ninth team ... and then I ran 5.5 miles home.  I was pleased with my run at 6:29 per mile considering the previous days training and the fact that the course isn't really conducive to fast running.  Good to see fellow ultra runners Derek Martin and Sam Black too.  These Abbey Runners were a big help at last year's Run To London.

THURSDAY - 10+ miles steady in the morning.  Nothing to report about this.

FRIDAY - 35 miles.  The original plan was to run along the Leeds Liverpool Canal from Skipton to Kirkstall.  That plan had to be changed yesterday morning when Keir and his teenaged pals decided to alter their camping trip in the Yorkshire Dales.  In the end my route was:  Otley ... Burley ... Menston ... Guiseley ... Baildon ... Shipley ... Saltaire ... Bingley ... Leeds Liverpool Canal to Kirkstall ... Headingley ... Bramhope ... Otley.  Very enjoyable slow run although the temperature rose significantly during the last 8 miles or so which made it very uncomfortable.

Ah yes ... it's good to hear that Derek Martin is running again after a couple of years of back problems.

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