Sunday, 11 July 2010


Had a good few relaxing days in Filey on the east coast of Yorkshire.  A small town with lots of nearby trails for walking and/or running.  The weather was very hot (often over 27 C or 80 F) but windy most of the time.

On Thursday I had a bad day though.  Went for an early morning run (7.00am) of about 6 miles through Gristhorpe and Muston before returning to Filey.  Very hot and humid even so early in the day but all went well.  Later that day though - about nine hours later - I began to feel ill, very ill.  It's obvious to me now that it was a heat related illness.

Normally I'm very careful with hydration, shade, suntan lotion, etc but had lapsed whilst in Filey and things had caught up with me - severely.  After four hours or so of vomiting and feeling bad I went to bed and woke up on Friday morning feeling more or less normal but vowing to be more careful in future.

Back home on Saturday and went for a for a run in the afternoon and began to feel ill again as soon as I did something other than steady running.  Came home again after only 10 hill reps instead of the planned 20 and rested for the remainder of the day.

This morning I feel fine and I'll go for a run this afternoon.  I had planned to do 6 miles at about 6:40 per mile but I think I'll just run steadily instead - it's far too windy to run so quickly anyhow.

On final thought for today.  Who'll win the World Cup this evening ... Spain or The Netherlands ?

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