Saturday, 26 April 2008

Today was my first run this year where I didn't use ice before or after. Only 5.25 miles but I feel OK ... and so does my achilles.

Just looked at the results of the Crawley 12 hr race (I was going to do this before injury struck, remember). John Pares won with just over 130k but I also notice that Derek Martin finished in third with over 102k - well done to them. It seems to me that I would have finished much closer to John than I have on the previous occasions we've raced - maybe he had a bad run, I've no idea - but I'd have been looking for something over 125k. Full results can be found at

Yesterday on my local BBC news program I was interested in their piece about the Three Peaks Race - 24 mile fell race in the Yorkshire Dales taking in Whernside, Pen Y Ghent and Ingleborough. They made it seem as if it was the most difficult race in Yorkshire !!! All us ultra runners know that it isn't (it's merely the race with the best scenery) and more difficult races include Fellsman (61 miles from Ingleton to Grassington), Round Rotherham 50 and Hull 24hr track race. I sent an email to the news program with this information and hopefully we'll get some publicity for ultra races ... or maybe not !!!

This morning I looked at Phil Essam's website ( and noticed that he is looking for a helper to post information while he is 'going part time' later this year ... could I do that ? Need to think about whether I can spare the time ...

Also noticed on that website that Yiannis Kouros has won the Ciserano 24 hr race (Italy) with 261k ... this took place on 20 April, just three weeks after he won the Brno 48 hr race with over 400k - amazing recovery.

If anyone comes across any good decaf coffee please let me know - thanks.

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