Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A simple update

Apologies for not posting an entry for a while.

Recently I've been re-reading the articles by respected coach Frank Horwill on the Serpentine Runners website (http://www.serpentine.org.uk/) and found a very interesting article about vitamin B6 and blood-boosting, etc. I think most of Frank's articles are definitely worth reading.

Still icing my achilles before and after the longer runs but now I'm not applying ice before the shorter ones. This means that I'm still unable to run with my club and racing isn't easy ... although I'm looking forward to those two 5k races in May which I've entered.

The compression tights I purchased a few days ago seem very good. I've just returned from a hilly 15 miler with absolutely no leg soreness at all. Whilst running I realised that as the compression helps return blood to the heart the tights will also help with my Exercise Associated Collapse (caused by low blood pressure after ultra events [caused by pooling of blood in the feet after running has stopped]).

Yesterday I was looking at the website of the Madrid 24 hr race and it seems to be a very good event - worth noting for next year perhaps. The Grand Union Canal Race is also on my 'to do' list but will require more planning regarding crew, etc.

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