Monday, 28 April 2008

First Long Run

This afternoon I went out for my first 'proper' long run. Before today the furthest I've been this year is 17 miles. Today I ran 25+.

I found it much easier than expected - the first half was covered at about 8:25 per mile and the return journey at about 8:10 per mile. It wasn't planned that way but I was just feeling very good. Compression tights probably had a part to play there, as did two litres of isotonic sports drink (some of which was caffeinated).

The route was quite hilly in places and the weather was less than kind - heavy showers (one was sleet) and cold at times. Warm and sunny though for the last five miles or so.

Well pleased with this ... and the best part is that the pinch test referred to by Noakes in his 'Lore of Running' indicates no damage to my achilles.

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