Thursday, 24 April 2008

Time Spent Training

A few days ago I was asked how long I spend training each week. I didn't really know the answer so I sat down with pen, paper and training diary to try and find out.

Over the past 28 days I have, on average, spent:

5h 52 per week running
1h 32 per week cycling
1h 15 per week stretching
1h 45 per week strength training
3h 08 per week doing eccentric achilles stretches
1h 17 per week massaging my ankle
making a total 14h 49 per week

Over the coming months the time spent running will increase as my mileage reaches a maximum at the end of June. Cycling and stretching will stay roughly the same. Strength training will decrease as I approach important races, eg Hull 24 hr. Achilles stretches will gradually decrease to about 34 mins per week. Ankle massage will also reduce to about half the current level.

Of course these stats do not take into account time spent with ice on my ankle, or in the shower, or changing clothes, or fetching equipment, or writing training diary or ...

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